Can You Redrill a Bowling Ball?: (2023 Best Guideline)

As a bowler i know that bowling ball is the famous and interesting game in the world.

The important part of this game is ball. The choosing of a ball is depend on your skill level.

we know that to keep a bowling ball in top condition is very important. To keep a bowling ball in top condition is very important to achieve a maximum coverstock and maximum achievement.

To improve your game the important point is to redrill a bowling ball. we know that the question of a bowler  can you redrill a bowling ball.

When you find the perfect ball according to your skill level and find a problem the holes is too large or small and not fit on your finger.

Can You Redrill a Bowling Ball?

Yes it’s 100% possible to redrill a bowling ball. Redrill a bowling ball is very easy.

It’s important to keep in mind that some bowling balls can be more difficult to repair than others. A quality repair shop can fill the crack with epoxy resin and then polish it to make it look like new.

This can be done quickly and can restore the strength of the ball in no time at all.

It’s important to keep in mind that some bowling balls can be more difficult to repair than others.

How Long Does It Take To Redrill a Bowling Ball?

Redrilling a bowling ball is an important part of maintaining your ball’s performance and accuracy.

It involves changing the existing drilling pattern in order to accommodate different styles of play, as well as to match your own grip and finger sizes.

The amount of time it takes to redrill a bowling ball will vary depending on the complexity of the job and the entry level of the bowler.

The easiest way to redrill a bowling ball is to bring it to a professional who can do it quickly and accurately.

How long this will take depends on their current workload, but in most cases, they should be able to complete the job within an hour or two.

If you have the skills and the time, you can also redrill a bowling ball yourself – but it will likely take several hours or more.

Before attempting to redrill your own ball, it is important to research the best practices for doing so.
This includes learning about proper drilling techniques, as well as safety protocols for any tools used.

You should also be familiar with the type of drill bit you will need. Once you have all the necessary information and equipment, it is time to get started.

The first step in redrilling a bowling ball is to mark the drilling location on the surface of the ball. This is usually done by lightly drafting a line across the entire circumference.

From there, you will use a drill press to carefully and accurately cut the holes based on your desired pattern.

Depending on the complexity of this pattern and how many holes need to be drilled, it can take anywhere from an hour or two up to several hours before the redrilling is complete.

How much does it cost to have a bowling ball redrilled?

The cost of having a bowling ball redrilled varies depending on the services you require.

Generally speaking, the cost depending on factors such as the complexity of drilling and modifications requested.

If you need additional holes for thumb and finger inserts or other customizations, your costs will be higher.

It’s also important to consider the cost of shipping when having your bowling ball redrilled.

A reputable pro shop will provide you with an accurate estimate before beginning any work so that there are no surprises.

Having a bowling ball redrilled is an easy and cost-effective way to customize your equipment, improve your performance, and get the most out of your game.

What factors affect the redrilling cost?

The cost of redrilling a bowling ball is affected by the following factors:

  • The type of bowling ball being drilled. Different balls require different drills depending on their size and shape, so the cost can vary.
  • How many holes need to be drilled into the ball or if it needs to be plugged and re-drilled.
  • How much preparation work is needed to be done on the ball before it can be drilled.
    This includes resurfacing, cleaning, and filling in any existing holes.
  • How experienced the technician is who will be doing the redrilling.
    The more experience they have, the better job they can do and the higher the cost may be.
  • How many bowling ball cores need to be replaced. Replacing a core can add significantly to the cost of redrilling a bowling ball.
  • How much time is needed to complete the job. The time required to do a good job of redrilling a bowling ball will affect the overall cost.
  • How much the customer is willing to pay for the job. Some people are willing to pay a premium for a better job, while others may be less concerned about cost and just want it done quickly.
  • By taking all these factors into account, you can get an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to redrill a bowling ball.
  • It’s important to remember that quality counts when it comes to redrilling so be sure to choose a technician who is experienced and has the right tools and equipment to ensure a good job.
  • With the right technician on your side, you can be sure that your bowling ball will look and perform its best.

How many times can you re-drill a bowling ball?

The number of times that you can re-drill a bowling ball ultimately depends on the condition of your bowling ball.

If the core is still intact and in good condition, then you should be able to re-drill it. However, if the core has become worn or damaged, then it may not be possible to redrill without causing further damage to the bowling ball.

It’s also important to note that if you are going to be re-drilling your own bowling ball, then it is imperative that you do so with caution and precision in order to prevent any potential damage.

Generally speaking, an seniors bowler should be able to redrill a bowling ball up to five times without it causing any damage.

It is important to note that the process of re-drilling a bowling ball should only be undertaken by those with experience and knowledge in the field, either by you or a professional bowler at your local bowling alley.

When redrilling, always make sure to use a drill bit specifically designed for use on bowling balls, as standard drill bits may cause unnecessary damage.

Additionally, you should always be sure to clean off the surface of your ball with rubbing alcohol before beginning to drill.

This will help reduce the chances of debris and dust getting into the holes during the drilling process.

Does redrilling a bowling ball affect performance?

Yes, redrilling a bowling ball can affect its performance. A proper drill job is essential for achieving the optimum performance from a bowling ball.

If done incorrectly, it can change the dynamics of the ball, resulting in less control and lower scores.

When redrilling a bowling ball, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration to ensure a quality job is done.

Firstly, you must have an understanding of the layout of your particular ball. Secondly, the proper tools and materials must be used for the job.

Lastly, you should have a clear plan of how to complete the redrill in order to achieve your desired results.

If you don’t feel confident enough to complete the drill yourself, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of a professional driller.

Professional drillers are trained and certified in drilling bowling balls and thus can guarantee a quality job.


Redrilling a bowling ball is not something to be taken lightly.

In order to achieve the desired performance from your bowling ball, it is essential that the job be done properly.

If you are not confident in your ability to redrill a ball, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional driller who can guarantee quality results.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can make sure your bowling ball performs as expected and helps to elevate your game.

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